House guide

Dear Guests,

We warmly welcome you as guests at Dolphin Beach House Barbados.  We invite you to enjoy all we offer and wish you an enjoyable holiday.  

For your relaxing holiday, much effort has been put into the care and maintenance of the house, which we ask you to respect.  While you enjoy your stay, kindly note the following house rules that should be a help for your harmonious stay. We trust, that you accept the benefits of the given rules that allow us to effectively maintain the house for you and future guests

Number of Persons:

Only booked guests are allowed to sleep at the property and maximum numbers observed.



Dishes, utensils, cookware, appliances etc. are only returned to the cupboards when washed. Please do not store wet glasses upside down in the cabinets.

Acrylic/plastic glasses are not dishwasher safe.  Kindly handwash all unbreakable glasses.

If disposing of garbage, please do so in the roadside bins provided and not just on the outside of the doors as this attracts stray animals that get into the trash.

Do not store toxic or dangerous chemicals in the fridge

Do not use any house items to feed stray animals, play as beach or pool toys or for use in any craft projects.

Acetone/Nail Polish Remover, Nail Varnish/Polish/Gel Polish cause permanent damage.  Please use a ceramic or glass tray/plate if using these products away from the bed and chairs.



Please do not flush excess wads of toilet paper, paper towels or feminine hygiene products.  This will result in blockages of the plumbing system.


Living and Lounge Areas:

Please do not sit on furniture with wet clothing. 

Walking or running indoors with wet feet can result in a fall and danger to others.  Please dry yourself thoroughly before entering the house or sitting on furniture


Sleeping Area:

Eating in bedrooms can bring unwanted critters in.



Please use the outdoor areas including the covered spaces if you wish to smoke and ask the staff for an ash tray.


Terrace and Garden:

It is not allowed to use interior/inside furnishings in the outdoor area.

It is strictly forbidden to cut or damage the trees on this property.  Guests will be charged to replace harmed trees.  Cutting the bark of a tree will leave it permanently marked. Carving your name in trees is strictly prohibited.


Barbecue / Stone Grill:

Please clean the charcoal grill right after you used it and inform the staff if you intend to use the grill so that the proper utensils and safety gear can be provided.

Ensure the gas is turned off after the use of the BBQ.


Pool and Beach:

Please use the outdoor shower before entering the pool from the beach.

Wash all sand off feet and body before entering the house or using the pool. An excess of sand in the pool will require additional maintenance during your stay that may be billed to you.


Duty of Care:

Windows and doors should be closed when using the Air Conditioning.  The extremely warm climate will cause a malfunction of the Air Conditioning system throughout the house.  

Please lower umbrellas and retract awnings if there are unpredictably high winds. 

Damaged bedding, towels and kitchen ware will be billed to guests.

Please use the safes provided for valuables including cash and travel documents.  If you forget your code, the manager will be notified for an override key to be used.  This may not be immediate.  The codes are cleared each booking and there is not storage of information.  Please use a code that is easy to remember or frequently used.

Beach towels are provided, however please ask the staff for separate towels for activities off property such as island tours or private cruises/catamarans.



Please do not encourage any stray cats into the house. We have many staff and guests who may have particular sensitives to animals. 

Please do not feed animals on the property.


Departure / Arrival:

All late authorised late check-outs must vacate the upper level by 12 noon to allow staff to prepare the house.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and rest in our villa. For questions we are happy to help.

By booking the villa, you confirm that the house rules are recognized and implemented by you.

With warm and sunny regards,
Owners and Management of Dolphin Beach House Barbados

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