We encourage you to venture out and experience some of the fabulous restaurants and beach side experiences Barbados offers. 

Some of the must do’s:

  • Catamaran cruise
  • Lovely seaside restaurant brunch/lunch at not to far places such as QP Bistro, La Cabane, Sea shed, Il Tempio
  • A bit further north we have the casual Little Bristol bar and others like Local & Co. all in the old quaint Speightstown, all great west coast sundowners’ hotspots. 

Some other quick ideas for spots to visit​

  • Animal Flower Cave – a spectacular cliff side restaurant located on almost the top north of the island
  • Mount Gay rum tour 
  • Catamaran cruise – Seaduced, Cool Runnings, Silver Moon and MANY more great options all depending on your level of partying, relaxation or luxury preferences. Catamarran cruises are a MUST-DO for everyone.  Hard to go wrong here with good value for money and all-day food and drinks, swimming with the turtles and just a relaxing fun day on the water seeing the coast of the island in a unique way.

Some necessities that can’t be forgotten:


NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST, Barbados has many different aspects of enjoyment.

For restaurant reservations we strongly advise you always book in advance to avoid disappointment especially as a large group.

good to know

Barbados is an extremely warm climate and we invite you to enjoy the comforts of the house, however be reminded that doors and windows must remain closed when the Air Conditioning systems are on as this will otherwise cause condensation to occur and them not to work properly. Bedrooms AC units are equipped with sensors to shut down if the doors are left open.  We ask you not to try to sleep with the doors open while the AC unit is working.  

In Barbados, masks are required to be worn in public places, on entry to restaurants, going to the bar and toilets. Masks are not required on the beach and during service at restaurants, nor are they necessary in the house, however our staff are advised for your safety and theirs to maintain good practices.

Dolphin Beach House Barbados is within very close proximity to a small village supermarket – Jordan’s Supermarket where you can find most of the basic items you need.

Brooks coordinates between you and the chef to shop for you. It is advisable to plan your meals a few days in advance to allow for changes if items are not available and save time and money on this service. Cash is required for this service to purchase food and the fee is US$15 per trip.

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